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Pond Weed Control
Auquthol Super K- a selective, rapid-acting, contact herbicide. Controls submersed weeds in lakes and ponds. Works rapidly enough to be effective in both still and slow-moving water.
Pond20 Shoreline Weed & Cattail Control - effective contact herbicide treatment for emergent weeds along the shoreline including hard to kill cattails.
Hydrothol 191 Granular- A broad spectrum weed killer for lakes and ponds.  Easy to apply and very effective.
Navigate Granular- a selective herbicide for controlling certain unwanted aquatic plants including Eurasian milfoil
Semera 51% WDG (Clipper)- For the rapid take down of hard to kill pond weeds including Duckweed, Watermeal, Milfoil, and Algae.
Reward AQ- A fast acting herbicide for floating and submersed weeds.
FlumiGard™ Herbicide - the NEW standard in aquatic and terrestrial plant control. Flumi-Gard™ Herbicide provides fast and long-term selective control of some of the toughest and most problematic species in Aquatic and Terrestrial Vegetation Management.
Fluridone Aquatic Herbicide -Systemic control of most troublesome and invasive aquatic weeds with minimal environmental impact.

Algae Control
Pond20 Algae w/ Stabitrol- treatment for killing floating, submerged and planktonic algae in ponds/ lakes.
Copper Sulfate- treatment for killing floating, submerged and planktonic algae in ponds/ lakes.
Cutrine Plus (Liquid & Granular)- Cutrine®-Plus, under field conditions, is effective in controlling a broad range of algae.
Surf Aquatic Surfactant- a non-ionic water-soluble product that enhances the effectiveness of aquatic & agricultural chemicals
Hydrothol 191 Granular- for algae and aquatic plant control in quiescent, slow moving, and flowing water aquatic sites.


Understanding your pond and its unique properties is the first step in managing it. At Earlybird, we believe in prevention first. By taking a few simple steps throughout the season you can avoid many weed and algae problems and enhance the overall health of your pond. The Pond20 family of products have proven effective for many years and we are confident you will love the performance and value they provide.

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Pond20 Bahama Blue
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