Aerial Services

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Aerial Services Brochure

Organic Application

Traditionally, Earlybird has served the conventional grower but with bearish commodities over the last few years, organic production has become more prevalent. We work closely with Bio-Innovate Distribution and now have access to the new market of bio-pesticides and other biological crop protection products, labeled for both conventional and organic use.

In working with local organic growers and inspectors we have developed our “Clean-Rinse” program. This process ensures there is no cross contamination between conventional and organic products. We will work each grower and their organic inspector to ensure their valuable product is safe and able to be marketed as Certified Organic.

We work with Drift Watch, a company dedicated to posting the locations of beehives and specialty crops. Pollinators are vital to the future of agriculture and we work very hard to protect them during each application we make.