Nutrition: Swine

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We use proven Earlybird products and products from our partner, Akey, to provide each operation, whether large or small, with the feed necessary to remain profitable. We back our swine products with periodic farm visits and follow-ups to meet your changing needs. All of our products are formulated with quality ingredients to provide protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to support optimum growth, production, health and reproduction. If you don’t find the feed you are looking for let us know and with nearly 40 years of experience in the feed industry Earlybird can easily customize a feeding program to fit all your needs. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information on all swine products and any nutritional question you may have.

Earlybird Swine Options

  • Nurse-On (Baby pig milk replacer)
  • A Pig Creep is an easy start meal form for pre-weaning. In low milk or rescue situations.
  • Nurture NEO an early post weaning micro pellet designed for 5-12 pound pigs.
  • Nurture D17 a post weaning pellet for 9-12 pound pigs. Common in a 3 week weaning program.
  • Nurture D21 a follow up pellet to Pig 3000 and Pig 2000 for more mature digestive systems. For pigs in the 12-14lb range.
  • Nurture 1625 a late stage pre-starter pellet supporting rapid growth and excellent feed efficiency. For pigs in the 16-25 lb range.
  • A Prestart 550 a first stage grind and mix supporting rapid growth and excellent feed efficiency. For pigs in the 13-25 lb range.
  • EB 650 Base is a premium high end product to be used on pigs in the 15 lbs 25 lbs range.
  • EB 350 Base is a premium high end product to be used on pigs in the 20 lbs -60 lbs range.
  • A Start 80 provides the nutritional link between the complex pig starter and early grower diet. This product is to be used on pigs in the 25 lbs -40 lbs range.
  • Gro-fin 46-37 contains the phytase enzyme, allowing for a lower inclusion rate, less phosphorus in waste, and equal or better performance at less cost. Earlybird Swine Gro/Fin is based off the 46/37Akey base. For pigs above 70lb range.
  • Pig Gruel Powder is for early weaned or starve-outs.
  • Gro booster is an “add pac” (15 lb. per ton) designed for use with Gro-Fin diets.
  • Farrow Pac Plus is a combination of natural and chemical ingredients that provides a gentle laxative effect when needed for gilts and/or sows. It may be added to the complete feed (10 to 20 lb per ton) or top-dressed ( 1 to 2 oz/hd./day) for individual treatment.
  • Piranha Pig is a specialized feed for newly weaned or early weaned pigs to get them eating quickly.
  • A Gro 70 – Provides the unique amino acid combination required to support rapid muscle development & maximize feed efficiency during the growing period (w/ Phytase). For pigs in the 40-70lb range.