Nutrition: Bedding


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Earlybird is proud to provide our customer with several bedding options for the barn, stall, or trailer. These include corn cob pellets, wood pellets, and multiple grades of wood shavings. These are sold by the bag or can be purchased at a less expensive bulk rate by the pallet (40 bags to 50 bags). We do offer other shavings products occasionally on a seasonal basis. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information about your livestock bedding needs.

  • Wood Pellet – Compressed pine pellets for long term absorption.
  • Renew Blend – A screened shaving bedding of small and medium fibers. Economical choice
  • Greentree Easy Pick– The smallest and most absorbent shaving. Clumps at the highest rate.
  • Greentree Select – A medium particle, picks extremely well, while maintaining cushion..
  • Greentree Premium – large flake engineered to be the softest and lowest in dust. Perfect for weekend shows.
  • Best Cob Horse Bedding - Bedding is made from the lightweight, most absorbent parts of the cobs.