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Earlybird provides a full line of dry food products for your companion pets. We floor stock items in the retail sales area of Earlybird or can special order products to meet your needs. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information or visit our retail sales area.

Frequent Buyer Program
Each manufacturer offers frequent buyers cards. These cards are available at the Earlybird retail sales desk, simply fill out a card on your first visit and Earlybird maintains and updates your card at each purchase. These programs are based on the manufacturer and are either buy 8 and get the 9th one free or buy 12 and get the 13th free. This is an excellent way to save money on your dog and cat food purchases.


PMI Nutrition (Purina Mills) provide a full line of companion pet foods from puppy through adult dog & kitten through adult cat, including special needs. There are three PMI brands: Exclusive, Red Flannel, & Infinia.

NutriSource Pet Foods provide us with a full line of dog and cat foods. We also carry their Natural Planet line and the Tuffy Cat brand food line.

Black Gold provides us with a complete line of dog food from puppy to adult & special needs.

Diamond Pet Foods provides us with an adult dog ration.