Nutrition: Dairy


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Earlybird has been providing quality feed to dairymen for nearly 20 years. We use proven products from our partners to provide successful dairy’s, whether large or small operations, with the feed necessary to remain profitable. We back our products with periodic farm visits and follow-ups to meet your changing needs. If you are looking for calf feeds or lactating rations, minerals or protein supplements Earlybird has the feed for you. All of our products are formulated with quality ingredients to provide protein, energy, minerals and vitamins to support optimum growth, production, health and reproduction. Our rations periodically change to optimize the use of homegrown feedstuffs or to take advantage of economically/nutritionally beneficial feeds or commodities. If you don’t find the feed you are looking for let us know and Earlybird can easily customize a feeding program to fit all your needs.

Earlybird Dairy Options

  • Lactation
  • Heifer
  • Dry Cow
  • Freshening
  • Calf Pellets
  • Milk Replacers
  • Silage Inoculants
  • Medicated options


Earlybird partners with the Akey Dairy nutritional team to provide a full range of established dairy products. These are complete products or inputs into your customized ration.

  • Nurture Basic
  • Advanced Calf 16%
  • Advanced Calf 22%
  • 37% Calf Base with Neo Tech
  • Cow’s Match Milk Replacer
  • Nurture Basic Bovetec Milk Replacer
  • Dairy Heifer Conditioner Mineral
  • Forage Inoculants
  • Amaferm
  • Beet Pulp
  • Champion Drive
  • Custom: Lactation Minerals, Prefresh Minerals, Dry Cow Minerals, Calf Starters and Growers
  • Complete Feeds

Earlybird also partners with Purina Mills to allow our dairy’s to experience the AMPLI-Calf® difference. AMPLI-Calf® is a combination of unique, proprietary ingredients, including a natural palatability enhancer, an immune modulating compound, a prebiotic dietary fiber that maintains lower gut health and a unique source of fiber for better digestion. Use AMPLI-Calf® Starters for ages 3 days to 12 weeks get calves started on a healthy growth program. AMPLI-Calf® Grower continues this outstanding growth in calves when they reach 12 weeks and until 24 weeks, providing them with the proper balance of nutrition and rumen development they need to become a cow with more profit potential.