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In today’s farming industry the use of precision agriculture is quickly becoming the standard. Earlybird continues to expand its offering of leading edge precision agriculture technology in order to meet the individual needs of each customer. We are now able to provide our customer base with the product lines of Precision Planting, AgXcel, Yetter Farm Equipment, Ag Leader, and 360 Yield Center. Combine some of these new product offerings with our Aerial Services remote sensing imagery will help you better manage your operation.

Precision Ag Partners:

Precision Planting – Manage your farm - Maximize the return on every square foot of your field. Their tools give you the knowledge and control to make every seed count.

AgXcel – A recognized leader of innovative precision liquid fertilizer solutions and seed placement tools. They have over 35 years of experience built into their solutions.

Ag Leader – A leading name in precision agriculture with 20 years of experience in precision products. Data Management, Planting, Harvest, Application, and Water Management products.

360 Yield Center – Get more of the potential you planted.  Their products work with and for farmers to gain control, make decisions and take action to capture more yield.

Yetter Farm Equipment - With more than 84 years of solutions for agriculture, they are recognized as the leader in designing planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement tools, and bulk seed handling products.


Product Offerings:
Precision Planting Catalog


Yield Sense

Speed Tube


FieldView plus

vSet Select

Ag Leader Catalog

AgXcel GX Series Controllers

AgXcel GX5 Hydraulics

AgXcel GX12 Chemical Injection

Yetter Catalog

360 Undercover

360 Y-drop