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Earlybird strives to provide the absolute best equine diets for your program. We also offer a complete line of proven feeds for all stages of development and maintenance. Earlybird can easily customize a feeding program to fit your needs. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information on all equine products any nutritional question you may have.

EB 12% Pleasure Horse is a texturized 12% protein feed for mature horses with medium to high quality hay.

EB Horse No Corn is a texturized 12% protein with no corn. Ideal for mature horses that require a lower starch diet.

ProElite Products

FOALS FIRST® - Milk Replacer Powder is mixed with water and fed free-access to foals in a bucket. It may be introduced to orphan foals as early as day 1 and should be fed to foals for up to 60 days of age. 22 lb. bucket.

Foals First Starter Creep is an easily digested creep that should be offered free choice to all foals. The ingredients are a combination of the highest quality milk and cooked (heat processed) protein and cereal grains, with vitamins and chelated minerals added. It is formulated to complement the young foals’ digestive system and support optimal growth and development in all foals under 4 months of age.

ProElite Omega Advantage is an extruded (fully cooked) mini-nugget that contains a blend of high-quality vegetable oil sources. Fortified with amino acids, minerals and vitamins necessary for growth, performance and appearance.

ProElite Growth is formulated to meet the special needs of the growing and reproducing horse. It contains added fiber, including beet pulp, to help maintain optimum gut health and to complement grass or mixed hays.

ProElite Senior is formulated to meet the special needs of the older horse and can be used for all mature horses when good quality hay is not available.

ProElite Performance is formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of the high performance horse. It is a high-fat feed especially formulated with specific amino acids required for optimum performance and muscle recovery.

ProElite Topline Advantage is a low rate feeding supplement. It contains less than 7% starch and 1% sugars. Ideal for Cushing’s, insulin resistance, and laminitic horses. It provides essential nutrients for optimum muscle development, healthy weight over the topline, healthy skin & coat and healthy strong hooves. (25 lb. bag)

ProElite Grass Advantage is a complete daily supplement for adult horses. It contains quality sources of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other nutrients. These nutrients are essential for optimum health and performance. It should be fed to horses eating grass and/or mixed hay or pasture.

ProElite Alfalfa Advantage is a diet balancer concentrate containing sources of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other nutrients. These nutrients are essential for healthy growth, development, reproduction and performance. It should be fed to horses eating alfalfa hay.

Forage Pro – Paddock Formula should be provided to horses eating grass pasture or hay. Provide access to pasture or hay equal to 1 ½ to 2% of their body weight per day. It should be provided to horses that are confined to limited pasture or in dry-lot situations. Adequate forage must be available so that horses are not forced to over-consume the Forage Pro Supplement.

Kool Blue Ultra is a nutritional supplement formulated with ingredients to promote relaxed and focused horses during stressful situations. (21 oz. pail) Also available in a powder form.

Alfalfa Mineral should be provided free choice to all horses eating alfalfa hay. (25 lb. bag)

Grass Mineral should be provided free choice to all horses eating grass or mixed hay or pasture. (25 lb. bag)

Rejuvenaide Plus is a top-dress supplement for foals and growing horses designed to help promote normal tendon and joint growth and healthy leg development. (32 oz. liquid or 3 lb. container pellets)

Aqua-Aide is a re-hydrating electrolyte for performance horses to prevent cramping and fatigue and improve recovery times. (3.75 lb. tub)

Soothing Pink Extra Strength is for all horses that are prone to occasional gastric upset, but horses in training and competition are more vulnerable. (15 lb. pail or powder form)

Top Line Advanced Support is an effective supplement to add weight on the horse’s topline. (2.2 lb. container)

Top Line Extreme contains cutting edge nutritional technology with select ingredients to provide the ultimate in muscle growth, development and performance. (15 lb. bag)

Purina Mills Products

Enrich Plus is a ration balancing feed designed to fill the protein, vitamin and mineral gaps in forage without extra calories. Formulated for mature horses that are able to maintain body condition on hay or pasture alone. Also appropriate for growing horses, stallions and early gestation mares that require concentrated nutrition.

Equine Senior is scientifically formulated to support the unique needs of senior horses and help support the aging immune system. Formulated for older horses, especially those that may be losing body condition due to poor digestion, dental problems or missing teeth.

Equine Senior Active is designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of your active senior horse. Formulated for active aging horses that can still chew and digest hay

IMPACT Professional Mare & Foal Horse Feed Formulated with High Quality Protein with added amino acids including lysine and methionine to support breeding mares and growing foals. Added Fat to meet the caloric demands of breeding horses and to support hair coat shine and bloom. Vitamin and Mineral Fortification specifically designed to meet the needs of broodmares and growing horses. Controlled Starch and Sugar, formulated with no corn or corn by-products (PDF)

IMPACT Professional Performance Horse Feed Formulated with High-Quality Protein with desirable amino acid profiles to meet the needs of the equine athlete. Added Fat and Highly Digestible Fiber Sources provide fuel for sustained performance. Vitamin and Mineral Fortification to support bone strength, muscle, and immune function. (PDF)

IMPACT Professional Senior Horse Feed High-quality forage built in replaces the hay or pasture in your senior horse's diet. Specifically meets the needs of the aging horse. Provides necessary calories for the senior horse. Formulated with no corn or corn-by products. (PDF)

Omelene 100 Pleasure is a premium palatable sweet feed designed to keep mature, active pleasure horses looking great. Formulated for mature horses that enjoy an average amount of pleasure riding or light work.

Omelene 400 is a complete sweet feed for performance and breeding horses, with forage built in. Contains no barley, oats or alfalfa. Formulated for competition and breeding horses, especially those allergic to dust and mold, or who are prone to heaves. (40lb)

Strategy Healthy Edge is the feed for a shiny coat, full body condition and strong hooves, without the added calories that can make easy keepers obese. Formulated for maintenance, performance and senior horses that can chew and digest hay and pasture.

Strategy Professional Formula Horse is a convenient, balanced nutrition for every horse in your barn at every life stage, from growing to breeding, from recreation to performing. Formulated for any horse at any life stage.

Ultium Competition is a highly researched nutrition for the high energy demands of hard-working equine athletes, allowing them to compete at their highest levels. Formulated for equine athletes.

Ultium Growth is scientifically formulated high-fat, high-fiber feed that supports the development and physiology necessary to produce a strong, healthy, athletic horse. Formulated for broodmares and young growing horses.

WellSolve L/S Pellet is a low-starch and low-sugar diet for horses with special needs. Formulated for horses that need a low-starch, low-sugar diet.

Buckeye Products

32% Gro & Wina concentrated source of minerals, vitamins, and quality protein to be fed with grass or mixed forage. Ideal for growth, reproduction, performance, and maintenance.

Gro & Win GC is the perfect ration balancer to complement your horse's forage. Created to be fed as a stand-alone feed or a supplement to your horse's daily grain diet, it is formulated with a precise balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for easy digestion and absorption. Added glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health.

Gro 'n Win® Alfa is a scientifically formulated ration balancer. Gro 'n Win® Alfa will deliver essential nutrients commonly deficient in alfalfa forage (hay or pasture).

Equine 8 Gut Health is scientifically formulated with added probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive tract while supporting nutritional requirements when paired with good quality forage.

Equine 8 Senior is scientifically formulated with added probiotics to maintain a healthy digestive tract while supporting nutritional requirements when paired with good quality forage. Specifically designed for senior horses.

Mares Milk Plus is a scientifically formulated milk replacer designed to be fed free-choice to your foal, remaining stable for over 24 hours.

Safe & Easy Pellet provides essential nutrients without providing excessive energy or starch. Recommended for use with horses suffering from tying-up, HYPP, EPSM, digestive problems, post-surgery recovery, hyper-activity or nervousness, poor appetite, Cushings, obesity, insulin resistance, laminitis, colic, and heaves.

Senior provides essential nutrients without providing excessive energy or starch. Available in wet or pelleted forms. (50 lb. bag)

Ultimate Finish 25 is a 25% fat supplement used to increase calories without adding more grain rather a blend of vegetable oils from flaxseed, soybeans and rice bran. (50 lb. bag)

Ultimate Finish 40 is a unique blend of fat and all natural proteins. 40% fat derived from vegetable sources designed to meet the calorie requirements of performance horses. (20 lb. tub)

Nutrena Products

ProForce Fuel Horse Feed is a high fat, controlled starch feed for equine athletes and hard-keepers. Fuel is a unique combination of pellets and the Empower Boost extruded nugget for horses in training and for adult maintenance and breeding horses.

Empower Topline Balance is a concentrated controlled starch ration balancer supplement to balance hay or grass diets.

Empower Boost Horse Supplement is a high fat rice bran extruded nugget for working horses and hard keepers.


Companion Show Products
Earlybird partners with many to offer a show ring proven set of top dress products to put on those finishing touches!

Lubrisyn Hyaluronic Acid joint supplement. “We Make’em Float”. Quarts or Gallons