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Earlybird strives to provide the absolute best goat diets for your program. We offer a complete line of proven feeds for all stages of development. Earlybird can easily customize a goat feeding program to fit your needs.  We also provide a complimentary list of complete feed and top dress products from our partners. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information on all show goat products and any nutritional information.

Earlybird Nutrition has recently partnered with Lowes Pellets to offer the Purple Vision Goat Feed line. Lowes has developed this product line with industry leaders and currently are feeding some of the most successful Boer Goats in the nation.  We feel Purple Vision immediately provides us with the nutrition necessary to make our customers successful in the Show Goat arena.  Please CLICK HERE to download the brochure for descriptions of the specific offerings by Purple Vision.

Honor® Show Chow® Impulse® Goat R-20 is a complete pelleted or textured feed medicated with Rumensin designed for show goats to help rapid growth and expressive muscle development.

Honor® Show Chow® Impulse® Goat DX is a complete feed medicated with Deccox designed for show goats to help support rapid growth and expressive muscle development.

Noble Goat™ Grower 16 is a pelleted complete feed formulated for the optimum growth, development and maintenance of goats. Whether you raise meat goats or dairy goats, Noble Goat™ Grower 16 is designed to meet their exacting needs.

Noble Goat™ Charge Concentrate is a 36% protein pellet designed to be mixed with local grains allowing customers the option to “customize” their goat’s rations during the growth, development, lactating or maintenance life stages. Mix at a rate of 20% to 35% along with ingredients like corn, oats, sunflower seeds and molasses to develop a diet that meets your goat’s exacting needs.

Duncan Grower is designed to enhance youthful bloom, accelerate growth and develop clean conformation in growing age to older does, bucks, and breeding through age mature does.  Feed at the rate of 3 to 4% of body weight (BW) to all classes of goats for added bloom and accelerated growth rate.  Show-Rite product in a 50 lb. bag.

Glen Martin Advancer is formulated as a nutrient dense diet to help maximize the genetic potential of the show Wether.  Protein, fiber and fat levels are adjusted to help ensure the proper look and finish required to excel in the show ring. Feed 1.5 to 3.0% of bodyweight/day to specific goats needing added flesh and bloom to soften overall appearance while still maintaining muscle expression.  Show-Rite product in a 50lb bag.

Umbarger Meat Goat Grower 16% is a proven ration for the developing and finishing champion goats. It is properly balanced to promote correct skeletal growth while maximizing muscle development. It has proven to be extremely palatable to deliver consistent consumption.

Duncan Fat 'N' Sassy R20 is an initial creep feed and starter for goats of all classes from birth to six months of age and for developing bucks and show does requiring extra bloom. The Duncan Goat Feeds are designed to enhance youthful bloom, accelerate growth and develop clean conformation in growing to older does, bucks and breeding through age mature does.
Purina Goat Chow is a research-proven for health & vitality of all breeds of goats. Uniquely balanced for optimal body condition. Can help build strong kids into healthy goats. Quality, nutritious ingredients make up this wholesome formula (fortified with vitamins & minerals) for advanced nutrition. Highly palatable 16%-protein textured feed supplement containing whole grains and nutritious pellets. Fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, vitamin E, and cobalt is designed to provide 16% protein from plant sources.


Companion Show Products
Earlybird partners with Honor, VitaFerm, and others to offer a show ring proven set of top dress products to put on those finishing touches!

Champion Drive a top dress is designed to be fed from start to finish of the show animal project as a supplemental protein source. (30 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

Fitter 35 is a supplement for all classes, weights and ages of show animals.  It improves muscling and helps trim body fat. (30 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

Depth Charge® Supplement is an advanced nutritional supplement for all classes of animals being fed for show. It is designed to promote a full physical appearance. (25 LB bag) Honor Show Chow Product

Purina Mills Goat Mineral is a unique supplemental feed designed to ensure a healthy diet for goats of any age or breed.  This formula is expertly balanced to overcome the variation in mineral content found in natural forage. Whether you are feeding a few goats or an entire herd, Purina Mills Goat Mineral provides the consistent nutrition to help your goats reach their full genetic potential. (50 LB bag)

VitaFerm Goat Mineral is a complete vitamin-mineral supplement for goats for all conditions and applications. (25 LB bag)

Sure Champ Goat is a nutrient balanced 25% protein supplement to drive optimized growth and performance potential. (25 LB bag) A Vitaferm product.

VitaCharge is a supplemental source of vitamins. Stimulates microorganisms to offset the negative effects associated with scours, weaning, hauling, showing and other stresses.  Paste form.

Vita Charge Liquid Boost is a unique liquid supplement, can be mixed with water, used as a drench, top-dressed on feed or administered via a medicator. Use during stress or on show day. Contains multiple prebiotics, electrolytes, niacin, vitamins and flavors to support digestive health and promote water and feed intake. Available in 1 liter, 2 liter, and 2.5 gallon plastic containers.

Lubrisyn Hyaluronic Acid joint supplement. “We Make’em Float”. Quarts or Gallons

Show-Rite M-N-M Top-dress is a carefully formulated top-dress designed for optimal muscle expression and fleshiness while maintaining soundness and flexibility in show animals. M-N-M Top-dress is pelleted and incorporates the latest nutritional knowledge with good animal husbandry practices for maximum performance. It has high levels of Lysine, other amino acids, fat, and fishmeal.