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Earlybird strives to provide the absolute best show cattle diets for your program. We offer a large line of proven feeds for all stages of development. The Earlybird show cattle product line is a combination of complete feeds and supplements providing the flexibility to easily customize a feeding program to fit all your needs. Our feeds are specially formulated and balanced to keep your show cattle in just the right condition to catch the judge’s eye at a highly competitive show. Contact an Earlybird sales representative for more information on all cattle products and any nutritional questions you may have.

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Sale/Show Prep

EB Calf Push is a high energy transition feed to add bloom in the last 30 days pre-sale/show. Provides the final push!

EB Idle With Hulls is designed to begin using in Fall for new heifers to build rib shape without puting on condition in the wrong places.  EB Idle with Hulls is one of the most economical feeds made with Show-Rite technologies.  Works the best on young cattle.  August to February time.

All Around is an economical commodity cattle feed that can be used in all stages of beef production.  All Around uses 3 main commodities for heifer and bull development, and can be fed as a creep feed.

Show Heifer

EB Ring Ready Heifer helps promote intake and fill. A high fiber lower energy feed, used to fill and grow show cattle. Designed for easy fleshing females and used to put on that fresh natural fill on show day.

EB Cool Down is a great base feed for several different sectors of cattle production.  It’s a mid-level fat, high fiber and high protein feed that can be used as creep all the way through the summer.  It is economical for feeding large groups as well.

EB Image Control is a high fiber, high filler diet to hold show cattle while maintaining the desired full appearance from all angles. Elite maintenance diet for your show cattle.

EB Idle with Oats is used primarily after heifers have reached mature weight that reads with slightly higher fat level.  However, with its higher oat content, it will still keep a fresh while maintaining/adding body. Also use with Show-Rite technology. Best timing is for after Beef Expo’s through the summer.

High Energy / Steer Feeds

EB Steer Pro is a high energy, moderate fiber steer ration. Combines growth and finishing technologies to give the feeder the competitive advantage.

EB Ring Ready Barley is a moderate energy, barley based cattle grower pro­moting optimal condition. “RR Barley” puts on the best fill and a smooth finish to compete in the ring.

EB Lockdown using Purina Grand 4-T-Fyer helps to add bloom and condition but does it in a smooth and slow fashion.  Works excellent on greener heifers, growing bulls, and fattening steers.  Adds condition all while maintaining rib shape due to bulk fiber in the feed.

EB Basic Steer is an economical mix of grains for finishing steers or cattle.  This is a dense energy feed that will put condition on your cattle from end to end in a timely manner.  Perfect for any levels of competition.

All EB complete show feeds are wet textured feeds, using Show-Rite Nutribase or EB Evolve Proteins,, steam flaked grains, cob and Bovatec.

EB CTI 20 All Natural Lick tubs for self-feeding and grazing cattle. A 200 lb tub.

EB CTI 30-13 tub contains 13% Urea for self-feeding and grazing cattle. A 200 lb tub.

Purina Show Diets
Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge® feed is a coarse-textured sweet feed. This is a complete, balanced diet formulated Honor® Show Chow® Fitter’s Edge® feed is a coarse-textured sweet feed. This is a complete, balanceddiet formulated for optimum growth and development of show cattle. It can be followed by feeding Honor® Show Chow® Finishing Touch® feed.

Honor® Show Chow® FULL RANGE™ feed fed with free-choice grass hay is designed to help promote feed intake, bloom and fill in cattle fed for show. Honor® Show Chow® FULL RANGE™ feed can be fed throughout the entire feeding period to young calves being prepped for sale, as well as, steers and heifers being fed for exhibition.

Honor® Show Chow® Grand 4-T-Fyer® concentrate is a blended supplement that can be mixed with corn, oats, barley and beet pulp to provide a high quality ration for show cattle. This flexible feed allows you to adjust the grain level to fit your goals and needs for breeding cattle, steers, and feeder calves.

Honor Show Chow Full Control feed is a textured cattle feed maintains body condition and helps create fill in a show cattle. It can be used for heavily muscled steers, growing/developing show heifers and managing weight gain in steers that have reached optimal finish.  

Precon™ Complete is a complete pelleted ration for preconditioning calves on farm or receiving calves in back grounding operations or feedlots.


Hubbard & Show-Rite® Products

Grow and Show LS a high protein supplement high in linseed (over 50%).

Fiber Charge is a high fiber supplement made primarily of beet pulp, soybean hulls, and wheat middlings.

Nutribase Plus is an all-natural 34% protein supplement to be mixed with corn, oats, and cottonseed hulls to make creep feed, grower rations, and finishing rations.

Cruiser is a high fiber, complete growing feed formulated to achieve frame and muscle growth while maintaining "bloom." Cruiser can also be used to maintain "bloom" of market cattle once they have achieved the desired level of finish.

Throttled Up is a high-energy, high-fat complete finishing feed formulated to maximize animal performance and provide the "bloom" and smooth finish needed to "go for the purple"

Accent combines a number of ingredients into one high profile immunity building product. Formulated specifically for sheep, goats, beef and swine. Accents offers the ability to enhance daily health in an all-natural form without any drug restrictions.

Stretch is a multi-species fill product.

Show-Rite Relaxlyx with Tasco is self-fed, nutrient dense and fortified to incorporate the latest nutritional knowledge in relieving the negative factors of stress associated with the show industry. "Relax, it's in the tub!"

CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats, horses and deer in an easily manageable and palatable form.


Umbarger Show Feeds

Breeder-Grower is a 12% oat based ration used to grow both steers and heifers. Extremely palatable, easy to feed, and sets up cattle to reach their potential. Can be fed start to finish on easy fleshing steers and heifers.

11% Beef Grower is an economical approach to growing Beef Cattle. Fortified with steam flaked corn, vitamins and minerals.

Barley Base is the SECRET WEAPON for getting show cattle correct in their finish. Ideally suited to be fed after 800 lbs to firm up and smooth out the finish on show cattle. Works great in hot weather, as barley creates less internal heat.

Payload is the first and best SPELT based ration on the market. Its unique fiber profile, including SPELT, has proven to maximize rib shape, depth of flank and total body capacity while giving an awesome show day look. Utilize payload once proper condition is achieved to maintain condition and allow growth.

Cobboom is a unique cob based top dress designed to add fill and dimension to your show animal. It delivers unique multiple sources of fiber to increase fill and capacity throughout the lower third of your cattle. The unique fiber content helps naturally maintain a healthier digestive system.

Companion Show Products
Earlybird partners with Purina, Sunglo and others to offer a show ring proven set of top dress products to put on those finishing touches!

HIGH OCTANE® Champion Drive™ Top dress is designed to be fed from start to finish of the show animal project as a supplemental protein source. (30 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

HIGH OCTANE® Power Fuel® is an advanced, high-energy supplement for all classes of animals being fed and fitted for show. Gradually blend HIGH OCTANE® Power Fuel® with the current ration over a period of 10–14 days until the desired feeding rate is achieved. HIGH OCTANE® Power Fuel® is designed to be fed as a top dress to supply additional energy. (30 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

HIGH OCTANE® Fitter 35 is a supplement for all classes, weights and ages of show animals. It improves muscling and helps trim body fat. (30 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

Purina® High Octane® Depth Charge® Supplement is an advanced nutritional supplement for all classes of animals being fed for show. It is designed to promote a full physical appearance. (25 LB bag) Honor Show Chow Product

HIGH OCTANE® Heavy Weight™ supplement is a very high energy supplement for all classes of animals. It is extremely palatable and promotes healthy hair and skin. (20 LB tub) Honor Show Chow Product

HIGH OCTANE® Ultra Full supplement can be fed as part of the daily diet for all show animals. HIGH OCTANE® ULTRA FULL™ supplement is formulated to help promote lower body fill. (50 lb bag) Honor Show Chow Product

Game On is a highly palatable, all NEW fat source! A nutritional supplement used for an award winning fresh look in all classes and stages of developing show pigs, sheep, goats, and cattle. (20lb bucket)

Winning Fill® is a unique blend of chopped forages, steam-flaked grains, Baby Beef™ 24, and molasses. This highly palatable mix can be fed daily for incomparable bloom or just prior to showing for a fuller, bigger body look. A Kent feed product.

Sunglo 2 The Fullest is a top dress to be used as a supplemental forage source for cattle.

Sunglo Epic is a Hair Supplement for Show Cattle is cutting-edge technology. (25 LB bag)

Sunglo Show Cattle Explosion is for healthy rate of gain, improved feed efficiency and increased carcass leanness in cattle fed in slaughter confinement the last 28 to 42 days.

Lubrisyn        Hyaluronic Acid joint supplement. “We Make’em Float”. Quarts or Gallons

Femininity is just for heifers and breeding cows, designed to overcome the feeding programs that make her look like a steer. This product is available immediately at the plant or through one of our salesman.

Hide & Hair is the revolutionary new hair growth product from Natural Solutions for Livestock. Not only has it been shown to grow hair but it encourages skin health which is essential for optimum hair growth. Hide and Hair contains kelp and seaweed which has been shown to lower body temperature. Cattle will potentially take the higher or hotter temperatures better when going to the show. This new product comes in granulated form, is extremely palatable, and best of all it contains no melatonin. Hide and Hair is the first of its kind designed to be administered 60-90 days before show, with optimum results at 90 to 120 days. When cattle are hitting that 90 day mark on Hide and Hair they are showing that explosion of hair.

Natural Stride is a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from swelling, painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old animals alike.

Shag is an all-in-one, hassle-free pellet feed additive formulated for steers, bulls and heifers which helps create a luxurious, show-winning hair coat. SHAG’s one-of-a-kind formula lowers animals’ internal body temperature to keep them cool and encourage improved hair growth without the need and expense of a cool room. Complete supplement blend contains Oxy-Gen to get animals in top condition for show or sale by improving muscling and overall health. Plus, SHAG contains soundness additives for flexibility in the show ring; biotin to help condition hooves; probiotics and electrolytes to aid digestion and maintain fluids; and yucca, a proven odor reducer, to keep stalls fresh.

Full Tank Pellet maintains "gut fill" and keeps the fresh, expanded look. It is useful when intake is restricted to limit weight gain. Full Tank reduces stress level and hard look associated with a low feed intake. Contains a probiotic to aid digestive function. Expands more than beet pulp and will retain more water than beet pulp.

Natural Fill is a combination of forages, soyhulls, steamed barley, and oats sets the standard for the ultimate fill by increasing the dimension of the upper and lower body in a very natural smooth pattern. This unique blend encourages hot, tired and stressed animals to maintain feed intakes. Improves feed efficiency and helps in fiber digestion, sustains hair growth, maintains the immune system and aids in feed consumption.


Vitaferm Products
Sure Champ is a pelleted top-dress supplement containing Amaferm®. It helps stimulate appetite and improves the digestibility of feed and other key ingredients, as well as enhances hair quality and growth.

VitaCharge combines essential vitamins, organic trace minerals and Amaferm® to support microbial health during times of stress. Vita Charge® with the Amaferm® advantage creates measurable improvement in the appetites, health and performance of stressed animals. Comes in paste, gel cap, liquid, or drench packaging.

VitaCharge Liquid Boost is a unique liquid supplement, can be mixed with water, used as a drench, top-dressed on feed or administered via a medicator. Use during stress or on show day. Contains multiple prebiotics, electrolytes, niacin, vitamins and flavors to support digestive health and promote water and feed intake. Effective on all species. 

Cattleman’s Blend is a highly versatile and palatable, all-purpose free choice mineral for cattle of all ages. A fly control option is also available.

Concept Aid 5/S is the premier breeding mineral for all breeding age cows, heifers and bulls specifically designed to target cycling, egg production, and conception in cattle. A fly control option is also available.

Power LYK Tub is a 20% natural protein cooked molasses tub complete with a full complement of vitamins and minerals for free choice supplementation.

Stress Tub w/MOS allows livestock to conveniently get their daily dose of Vita Charge® in a pen setting.