Aerial Services

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Aerial Services Brochure

Conventional Application

A consistent return on investment drives our crop protection recommendations. After more than 10 years of replicated trials, we have selected economical fungicides and insecticides with proven performance. Instead of generating a standard program, our recommendations are customized for each field and with nearly 50 years of experience in custom application, you can be confident that we will help manage each acre like it was our own.

Good stewardship includes resistance management. Much like our herbicide programs, we are proactive in splitting applications and using different modes of action in our insecticide and fungicide selections. We also work closely with a bio-pesticide distributor and are very excited about the new products and new modes of action that are being developed.

We work with Drift Watch, a company dedicated to posting the locations of beehives and specialty crops. Pollinators are vital to the future of agriculture and we work very hard to protect them during each application we make.

As-applied maps are generated upon completion of each job and can be made available upon request. Our in-house GIS capabilities enable us to use this information in conjunction with yield data to verify return on investment.

Please contact us with any questions and we will work together to create a customized plan for your field.