Landscape: Grass Seed


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Earlybird provides a large line of specially blended grass seed for all your landscape needs. These blends are available by the pound or more economically through a 50 pound bag or pallet. Please see the chart below for primary and over seeding rates

Grand Slam  The top of the line-up seed heavy in blue grass with an equal amount of perennial rye and creeping fescue.

Triple Play 70 % fine fescue grasses to stand up in the tough mid-west climate.

Double Play An economical blended seed heavy in tall fescue with 30% perennial rye grass.

Home Run A very hardy blend exclusively of fine fescue varieties. Priced very competitively.

All Star A hardy blend exclusively of perennial rye varieties. Fast germination rate.

Shady Lawn Heavy in chewing and creeping red fescue to be durable in the shade.

Waterway Mixes We have multiple blends available to take care of your water way needs.

Grass Seed Mix Ratios